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Can a hair remover remove hair permanently?

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For many friends with strong body hair, hair removal is a repetitive and troublesome process. Can a hair remover remove hair permanently?



How does hair grow?


Hair consists of roots and shafts. Hair roots include hair follicles, dermal papillae, sebaceous glands, sweat glands, nerve endings, pili muscles, hair mother cells, and tiny blood vessels. The hair shaft includes the tips, mid-shaft, and roots.


Hair follicles and dermal papillae are the manufacturing factories of hair, from which hair grows. The lower part of the hair follicle (stem and bulb) is the center of hair growth and consists mainly of mature hair mother cells with a small number of melanocytes. Hair mother cells, as the “engine” of hair growth, are directly affected by hair-inducing factors and continuously divide to produce new hair cells. Ice cool IPL hair removal device manufacturer


Hair growth cycle


The hair growth cycle is divided into three phases: growth phase (2-7 years), resting phase (3-4 weeks) and shedding phase (3-4 months).


About 85% of the hair is in the growth phase, which can last for about 7 years. Only 1% of the hair is in the telogen phase. After the growth phase, it enters the telogen phase, which lasts for 3-4 weeks. The hair no longer receives nutrients from the dermal papilla, and the hair roots begin to thin. 14% of the hairs are in the shedding period, which lasts for 3-4 months. For shrinking hairs, the hair roots move up to the opening of the sebaceous glands; during the shedding period, new hairs begin to grow in the hair follicles.


How does the epilator remove the hair?


The principle of the hair removal device is the “selective photothermal effect” of light, which acts on the hair follicles of the hair, destroys the hair mother cells of the hair follicles through heat conduction, inactivates the hair mother cells, and destroys the hair follicles, so that the hair no longer grows.


The principle of the home optical hair removal device and the hospital’s semiconductor laser hair removal device is the same as the “selective photothermal effect” of light.


Can a hair remover remove hair permanently?


The long-term hair removal of semiconductor laser hair removal devices in households and hospitals does not mean hair removal.


It has been mentioned earlier that human hair has a growth cycle (growth phase, decline phase and resting phase), and the hair removal device works by inactivating hair mother cells. The instrument only works on the hair in the growth period, and does not work on the hair in the recession and rest periods.


However, hair mother cells are not permanently inactivated, and their activity will resume after a period of time. Therefore, hair removal devices cannot permanently remove hair. If you continue to use it for a period of time, the hair mother cells of the hair in the growing phase will be inactivated, and the hair removal effect will be better.


How to choose a hair removal device?


Choose a home optical hair removal device or a semiconductor laser hair removal device, it is best to consult a professional dermatologist.


Here are 4 suggestions for reference:


①Choose a lighter weight household hair removal device


The circuit structure of the hair removal device is relatively complex, and it is difficult to make it light in weight and volume; moreover, if there are more hairs to be removed, it will be more difficult for the user to lift the heavy device all the time; moreover, the hair removal must be used consistently In order to achieve better hair removal effect. Therefore, choose a lighter hair removal device, which is easier to use and easier to use for a long time.


②Choose a multi-level home hair removal device


Because hair removal devices have different energy levels, choose hair removal devices for different body parts, so that users can choose different gears for hair removal.


③Choose qualified energy density and wavelength


The study found that the hair follicle tissue can be effectively destroyed only when the energy density of the hair removal device is >5 J/cm2. Choose a hair removal device with an energy density of ≥5 J/cm2 (energy density = total energy/light outlet area) and a long light wave with an initial wavelength of 620 nm. The pain is light and the effect is guaranteed.


④ It is not advisable to choose a hair removal device that is too cheap


The filter is the main component of the hair removal device. If you choose a too cheap hair removal device, the filter quality is poor, the filter effect is poor, the hair removal effect is not good, and the skin is easily injured.