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Can a hair remover remove the hairline? Can a hair remover remove beards?

2022-06-21 Page view : 37 views

1. It is not recommended to use a hair removal device to remove the hairline.

Using a hair removal device to remove hair will cause damage to the hair follicle tissue of the hair. If you use a hair removal device to remove the hairline, the hairline may no longer grow, and it may even affect the hair next to it, resulting in hair loss and other situations. At the same time, there will be some damage to the human head. Therefore, it is not recommended to use a hair removal device to remove the hairline. Home hair removal device wholesale

2. Home laser hair removal devices can remove beards, but beards are a normal physiological phenomenon, so there is no need to use lasers to remove beards. You can usually use shaving methods to remove beards, but you need to shave frequently to solve the problem. . If it really bothers you, you can use a laser to remove it. The laser hair removal device for beard removal can be used with relatively large energy, which has a better effect on relatively thick hair follicles.

3. Recommend a home hair removal device suitable for men’s beard removal. It is cost-effective and has a capacity of up to 26J. There are 3 kinds of replacement heads suitable for different parts, which are very popular among users.




What harm of the Home depilator do?

 Home hair removal device precautions

First of all, according to the instructions for use and precautions, it is generally not harmful to the body and side effects. Hazards and side effects after using a home hair removal device are mostly caused by incorrect operation and use, or lack of proper care.


1. What are the hazards of household hair removal devices?

1)The scalded skin hair removal device will emit a certain amount of heat when it is working, and some hair removal devices cannot adjust the gear position. If the skin is more sensitive or the same part is repeatedly illuminated, it may cause the skin surface to be depilated. The instrument burns, causing certain damage to the skin. However, many of the current home hair removal devices have gear adjustments. When users choose to use the minimum gear for the first time, they can gradually increase the gear to reach the acceptable range, so as to avoid skin burns.


2) Stimulate the eyes When using the hair removal device, there will be an intense pulsed light, and this kind of intense pulsed light has a certain stimulus to the eyes. If you often look directly at this kind of strong pulsed light, it is easy to cause dizziness. Therefore, it is best to wear goggles when using the epilator.


3) It May cause the skin to darken. Our body hair can block some ultraviolet rays and protect the skin, but many customers do not pay attention to sun protection after the body hair is removed, which is especially easy for excessive ultraviolet rays to damage the skin at the depilation site, thereby causing pigmentation Calm and deepened complexion. Therefore, within 2 weeks after the end of hair removal, try to avoid ultraviolet rays from sunburning the hair removal area.

Therefore, it is very important to use the home hair removal device correctly, especially the preparation before hair removal and the care after hair removal.


2. Recommend a cost-effective home hair removal device.

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