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Does IPL hair removal devices damage the skin?

2022-06-11 Page view : 48 views

Generally speaking, the photon hair removal device for home use is relatively safe and basically harmless. The photon hair removal instrument mainly uses photothermal action to selectively destroy the hair follicles without causing damage to the surrounding skin, which is relatively safe. Some will have local redness and swelling and hair follicle edema, which can be recovered without any treatment in the short term. Some patients are relatively sensitive to the skin, and may have symptoms such as local skin color deepening, blisters and erythema on the skin, and need to go to the hospital in time. After hair removal, it is necessary to keep the local skin clean and hygienic to avoid infection. IPL hair removal devices wholesale.



Most of the reasons for skin damage may be the harm caused by improper use, as follows:

1.Due to different personal constitutions, there may be slight redness or local edema in the part after the treatment with the home photon hair removal device, because the photon hair removal device will generate a light intensity of 20-30 joules per square centimeter during the hair removal process. Fever is inevitable. However, this usually disappears after a few hours, and this side effect can be avoided by reducing sun exposure before and after treatment;

2.Photon hair removal is suitable for hirsutism patients and light-skinned people. If the skin is darker, the light source generated by the photon hair removal device will also destroy the skin pigment and cause white spots or dark spots, which will take several months to recover. People with darker skin should choose photon hair removal treatments carefully.

3.The laser hair removal equipment used in beauty salons may cause certain damage to the skin, because the energy of the laser equipment is generally too high, and the wave light is greater than the ability of the skin tissue. The skin is usually red, swollen and painful. However, there is no need to worry too much about choosing a regular medical institution for treatment.


If you have any discomfort during the use of the home photon hair removal device, you should consult the original manufacturer in time.