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Don’t try these hair removal methods again, or you’ll ruin your face.

2022-06-29 Page view : 36 views

For a girl’s face, it is no exaggeration to say that 100% of girls believe that face is her life. With even skin color and smooth skin and better facial features, this is the dream face in the eyes of every girl.


In dealing with the face, in addition to daily cleaning and skin care, you should also pay attention to the hair on the lips. Girls with heavy lip hair look like they have a “moustache”. No matter how smooth and good your skin is, it’s always out of touch with beauty.


Then there are some ways to remove lip hair. We don’t recommend trying the following methods. To tell the truth, it really hurts the skin.


1、 Pull out lip hair

There are not many cruel words. This way of directly pulling out is the most admirable, because it is really painful, and this way of root pulling out is easy to cause hair follicle infection. Girls who are afraid of pain and sensitive skin should not try it.


2、 Scraping lip hair

The scraping method is much softer than pulling, but why not recommend it? Let’s try it, because NOBLE has tried with a scraping knife before, and it will scratch our skin if we don’t pay attention. Although the method of shaving knife is simple and fast, and the effect is immediate, this substantive injury is also immediate, and even ugly scars will be left if it is serious.


3、 Floating lip hair

Different from the depilation on the body, there is another method of lip hair, that is “bleaching”, which makes the color of lip hair lighter by oxidizing the pigment contained in the hair! It visually reduces the sense of existence of lip hair, but in fact, many people have used it: chemicals have a serious taste, bad smell and strong irritation; There will be a strong tingling feeling when using; Easy to burn the skin on the edge of the lips.


Home photon hair removal is not effective at one time. Why do so many people choose it


In fact, for many girls who don’t know about home hair removal instrument, home photon hair removal is not their first choice. The reason is that the use of home photon hair remover cannot prevent hair growth. Then they may think that there is no difference between using a home photon hair removal instrument and using a hair removal cream or shaving device. In fact, it is not. Let’s see what the difference is.


Using traditional hair removal methods: shaving, hair removal cream and honey wax, are these three hair removal methods really no problem?


For example, do you feel slight tingling on your skin after using a razor? Some women with sensitive skin even have small red spots on their skin, which is a little itchy and painful. In the long run, it may also lead to “embedded hair” (endogenous hair is hair stuck on the skin and will not grow).


Then there is depilation cream. The chemicals in depilation cream will damage our skin tissue. Repeated use will lead to the gradual thinning of the cuticle of the skin. Not to mention wax depilation. After all, the pain of wax depilation is unbearable for ordinary people


Home photon hair removal is really much better than the three methods mentioned above. Home photon hair removal integrates ice cooling treatment, hair removal function and skin rejuvenation, so that one machine can be used for multiple purposes.  IPL hair removal/multi-function beauty equipment

Working principle of photon hair removal:


Light passes through the surface of the skin and reaches the hair follicle at the root of the hair. Melanin absorbs the energy of light. The temperature of melanin rises sharply, which leads to the destruction of the surrounding hair follicle tissue, resulting in hair loss and loss of vitality.


Why do you need to use the home photon instrument many times to achieve lasting depilation?


This is because the hair growth is periodic, and only the hair in the growth period has a high melanin content, and depilation is only effective in the growth period. The melanin content of hair follicles in the degenerative and resting periods is low, which cannot play a lot of depilation. Therefore, in order to have a good depilation effect, it is usually recommended to depilate 5-8 times or more.


Hey, armpit hair! See how Andrea conquers axillary hair (1)


Andrea is actually a very beautiful girl, but she has one defect, that is, she has very lush armpit hair, which leads to her very uncomfortable and lack of self-confidence in life.


On this morning, Andrea took the subway to work, but she couldn’t stand the heat of the weather. All her clothes were wet, and her armpits also gave off a bad smell. The passengers around her cast disgusting eyes. Andrea immediately felt ashamed and psychologically uncomfortable. Finally, it was time to get off work. When she got home, she took off her clothes, she picked up the shaving knife and cleaned her armpits thoroughly. She felt comfortable finally, but her armpit hair came out again in two days.


No way, Andrea had to bathe once every time before going out, shave a hair and spray a perfume, and accidentally scratched itself. Every time she walks in the street, Andrea sees the women wearing suspenders on the street. She is really envious from the bottom of her heart. When she thinks about herself again, Andrea’s inferiority complex rises once again.


This time, she decided to try wax depilation and tear off her armpit hair. In the process of experience, let alone how painful it was, but the effect was really good. She didn’t even have black spots on the hair roots. She was as happy as a child. However, after a few days, she found that her armpit was very painful. It turned out that her hair follicles were inflamed. She had to give up this method and continue to live with her armpit hair day and night.



Hey, armpit hair! See how Andrea conquers axillary hair (2)


That night, when Andrea was lying in bed swiping her mobile phone, she suddenly saw an advertisement on the home hair removal instrument, saying that using the product can achieve long-term hair removal effect. Andrea placed a quick order. The waiting process was painful. Fortunately, the product arrived three days later. She couldn’t wait to open the box. Wow, te packaging box of the product is still very exquisite. When she opened the packaging box, she saw a desktop hair removal instrument. The instrument contains three hair removal heads, namely high-energy hair removal head, gentle hair removal head and skin rejuvenation head. The humanized design is very convenient.


Andrea hurriedly read the instructions, because she can’t wait to experience it. According to the instructions, first, Andrea shaved off the underarm hair and she used gentle hair removal head to irradiation, and then she directly increased the energy level to 5. After flashing, she obviously felt that her skin seems to be bounced by a rubber band. Fortunately, this level of pain was acceptable to her. I don’t know. After depilation, she felt that her skin became more whiter and smoother. In the early stage, she used the device every week. For a long time, she found that her armpit hair had never really grown again.


Andrea is relieved. Now she is no longer the special case in the eyes of others. She can also be the beauty in the eyes of others who can wear suspenders and short skirts.