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Five major manifestations of your body will make you look old without wrinkles.

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Once a girl has wrinkles, is it only a sign of old age? I don’t know if you have ever seen a face without wrinkles, but still feels quite old. Some people are obviously still young, but they have a remarkably old sign! In addition to wrinkles, what other manifestations make people look old at first glance. IPL hair removal machine manufacturer


In the ancient times of our country, there was no ID card, how did people identify a person’s age? Let’s find out together today.



1. Skin color

Regardless of whether a person’s skin is black or white, people just look it is bright or dark. Dark yellow skin means that the skin has experienced a long period of time and has some cyclical deterioration because this is the result of an accumulation over time, so why even if you don’t wear makeup often, you still need base makeup to brighten your complexion. This will make you look brighter and more energetic.


2. Hair

All know many men will experience baldness when they enter middle age. In fact, not only men but also women. Hair is the most intuitive indicator of vitality. So don’t leave dry hair abruptly in order to grow your hair. Keeping the fluffy and shiny hair will look a lot younger.


3. Eyes

The eyes can easily tell the age of a person. When you are tired, your eyes will look dull. If you continue to work over the years, your eyes will gradually become dull. Normally, we need to exercise more for our eyes instead of long time looking at electronic products and keep our eyes piercing.


4. Bones

When a person looks very exhausted and has no vitality in every move, he will appear to be very old. So when walking, he must walk with his back straight to show that the bones are strong.


5. Lack of vigor

Vigor is vivid. You can imagine that the scene of a group of children jumping and tumbling is particularly beautiful. People who don’t want to move and sigh all day will not look energetic and will appear very old-fashioned. So must keep a good mood can make oneself look vigorous.