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“Hair Removal War” – IPL Hair Removal Device

2022-06-13 Page view : 36 views

In recent years, with the promotion of the “face value economy”, “women’s economy”, “consumption upgrade” and other factors, the acceptance of home beauty instruments has been continuously improved, which has also brought some home beauty instruments into the era of explosion. The diversified home lifestyles spawned by the new crown pneumonia epidemic have made the category of electronic beauty equipment in a contrarian state. Among the many categories with a surge in sales, hair removal devices have undoubtedly become the fastest-growing category. IPL Hair Removal Device manufacturer.


When the summer enters the high-temperature stage, the “hair removal war” also begins: razors, beeswax, hair removal creams, and laser hair removal is relatively expensive beauty salons, these are all traditional methods. With the emergence of home hair removal devices, the majority of women have welcomed various means of marketing and promotion, and sales have been rising.


The specific performance is as follows:


1.Keyword trends

The term “Laser Hair Removal” is trending very well both on Google and on e-commerce. Google Trends has been growing steadily for the past two years



In recent months, the videos of hair removal devices released by Internet celebrities on Youtube have been viewed very high, with hundreds of thousands of views.

Looking through the comments, you can also see that women love beauty and are interested in hair removal. Many men also pay attention to their appearance and want to get rid of their thick body hair on their bodies. If there is a hair removal device specially designed for men, it will be very popular.



In addition, many buyers are actually very concerned about the length of time for the hair removal effect of the hair removal device. Most people hope to achieve permanent hair removal after a few uses.


Under the trend of consumption upgrading, consumers’ pursuit of beauty is also upgrading simultaneously. Beauty instrument brands and products also need to be constantly “upgraded” in order to gain a firm foothold in the market and continue to move forward.