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How to choose a hair removal device?

2022-07-08 Page view : 37 views

When it comes to hair removal devices, everyone should be well known with it. With the development of technology, more and more beauty lovers now prefer to use hair removal devices instead of traditional hair removal creams. Hair removal devices now are one of the most popular beauty equipment. There are many brands of hair removal devices. Although there are many beauty salons, most people still like to buy hair removal devices to remove their hair at home. So how to choose a home hair removal device?



First, choose a hair removal device with a higher wavelength. The longer the wavelength of the hair removal device, the stronger the penetration, the more it can penetrate into the hair follicle and destroy it, the hair removal effect will be more significant, and its effectiveness and safety will be better; The short-wavelength hair removal instrument has insufficient penetration, most of the light is only absorbed by the epidermis, and cannot reach the deep part of the target hair follicle for work, and the hair removal effect is relatively ordinary. That is relatively speaking, the longer the wavelength of the hair removal device, the higher the cost.

Secondly, it is more useful to choose a hair removal device with a higher energy density. The higher the energy density, the easier it is to penetrate into the hair follicles, the more destructive hair follicles, the stronger the lethality, and the more significant the hair removal effect. But too high energy can cause some irreversible damage to the skin, so choose carefully. The light-emitting area is also quite important. It is reasonable to say that the larger the light area, the better the hair removal effect, but the light-emitting area and energy are matched, and the amount of energy should match the light-emitting area.

Also, choose a hair removal device supplier that has passed FDA safety certification. In order to ensure the safety of hair removal at home, it is best to choose a hair removal device that has FDA safety certification. FDA is the abbreviation of the US Food and Drug Administration. It is an international medical review authority, specializing in food and drug management, medical equipment, and other safety law enforcement agencies. The certified laser beauty instrument proves its safety and reliability.