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How to choose a home hair removal instrument? Recommend a good home hair removal device

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First, whether the home hair removal instrument is easy to use, the following elements are very important:


1. Spectrum

The best color wavelength is between 500/650-950nm. The longer the spectrum, the safer the dark skin, and the ability to penetrate the skin will be stronger, and it is easier to destroy the hair follicles. The laser reaching 810Nm can have a better effect on removing thick hair, and the penetration depth of the light of different wavelengths in the skin is different.



  1. Energy density

The higher the energy density, the more effective the hair removal is, and the longer the effect. At least 5J/ cm² can destroy the hair follicles to prevent regeneration in the short term.

  1. Lighting times

The area of the lamp head is small, and the number of luminescence is more;

The greater the intensity of light, the higher the energy level, and the less luminous times.

  1. Outlet area

The larger the light area, the larger the light area, the more convenient it is to use.

These people are not suitable for use:

  • It is not available for wounds and acne.
  • For friends with darker skin, it is recommended not to try laser/color light hair removal easily, because darker skin will absorb more light and increase the possibility of burns.
  • Pay attention to avoiding light irradiation on the tattoo, otherwise, it may cause changes in the pattern, and it will be washed away.
  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, and patients with sensitive skin are not suitable for use. ODM/OEM IPL hair removal system manufacture


Second, recommend a good home hair removal device.



The advantages of this M1 hair removal instrument:


1. If the parameters exceed the standard, please see the following values:

1) Have 3 lamp heads: hair removal head, strong hair removal head, and moisturizing head, the wavelength is 560nm-640nm, respectively.

2) Energy density: 7 j/cm²

3) Number of light: A lamp head can use 500,000 times, and 3 lamp heads can use 1.5 million times. If this product is used alone, it can be used for almost 20 years.

4) Light area: The outlet area of each lamp head is 4.2 CM²


2. Desktop shape, convenient for family and salon shops

3. have strengthened the rolling head for customers to choose and bring a mirror

4. Smart skin color recognition.


Does the home hair removal device need to use condensate?


There is a detailed description of the instructions of the home hair removal instrument, and it is necessary to operate on dry and shaved skin. The beauty salon uses condensation when hair removal, mainly to relieve the burning caused by high energy during operation and protect it. The energy of the home instrument is so low and the burning sensation is not strong.


Personally, I recommend taking a bath. The air conditioning room is cold. Don’t wipe things. Don’t sweat on your body. At this time, the effect is the best. You can also shave the hair while taking a bath. If you use a hair removal cream, pay attention to the hair removal cream for 24 hours.