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How to choose the home hair removal instrument correctly?

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In terms of effect, each hair removal instrument on the market will have large and small functions, but due to different technologies, the hair removal cycle, hair removal effect and hair removal experience are different. You can choose according to your own needs.

Can the depilator really achieve permanent depilation


On the topic of hair removal instrument, we will always lead to various problems, such as whether the hair removal technology is perfect now and whether the use of hair removal instrument will affect our health. Of course, one of the most concerned problems also belongs to: whether we can really achieve permanent hair removal when using hair removal instrument. After all, this is also the original intention of using hair removal instrument.


The girls who love beauty also tried all kinds of depilation methods in order to depilate, using depilation cream and depilation razor? Whether it is found that it grows again soon, and after shaving with a hair removal knife, it is found that the hair follicles are easy to be inflamed and form many small red spots, and the hair is thicker and thicker. Based on the previous hair removal method, the home photon hair removal instrument was quickly loved by everyone after it was launched on the market.



Many people have a misunderstanding about the hair removal instrument, that is, they think that the hair removal instrument will not grow after being used once. In fact, this is wrong. Portable Latest Ice Cool Ipl Hair Removal



We need to have a correct understanding of our hair growth cycle. The hair growth cycle is divided into three cycles: growth period, regression period and rest period. Every day, we will have natural hair loss, and new hair will gradually grow out. Because the number of hair loss is roughly balanced with the number of hair growth, it seems that the number of hair is always so much, but in fact, some hair follicles are in the resting period, so there is no hair emerging.



Laser hair removal mainly works on the hair in the growth period. It is basically ineffective for the hair in the degenerative and resting period. It must be treated when this part of the hair circulates to the next growth period. The hair entering the growth period is a continuous cycle process, rather than growing together. Therefore, photon hair removal generally takes 5-10 times or even more to achieve a better hair removal effect.


Depilation is a long process. As long as we adhere to the correct use of the depilation instruments, we will achieve the effect we want!