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Is photorejuvenation high-tech or black technology?

2022-06-24 Page view : 32 views

Is photorejuvenation high-tech or black technology?


In recent years, photorejuvenation products have become more and more popular in the market, and consumers’ recognition of them has also greatly improved. In response to this, let us popularize the classification of photorejuvenation products and common problems.


First, what are the three categories of photorejuvenation products:


1.Laser light sources—the consumers are also mainly professional beauty hospitals and dermatology hospitals

2.Pulsed light type – the current market is generally called photorejuvenation and hair removal instrument, which is suitable for most consumers

3.LED type – adopts the principle of photodynamics, has a thermal effect, can promote blood circulation, and is beneficial to the skin to discharge toxins and metabolism.


Second, Analysis of common problems:


1. Is laser light source better for photorejuvenation products or LED light source?

The working principle of photonic skin rejuvenation products is light absorption, so both laser light sources and LED light sources have absorption effects, but the laser light source has a high energy density, so the effect is good, and the LED light source has a very low energy density, so it should basically be ineffective.


2. Are photorejuvenation products better and more advanced than laser beauty equipment in beauty hospitals?

This propaganda is also misleading. The difference between the two is like one is an amateur and the other is a professional. Photonic skin rejuvenation products have low power density and are aimed at consumers ~~~~, while laser beauty in beauty hospitals uses medical equipment with high power density and more sophisticated operations. The hospital equipment needs to be certified by medical devices; and The difference in price is that the professional equipment in hospitals is tens of thousands of yuan, and the products that can only be paid are usually only a few thousand yuan. If you expect a better skin rejuvenation effect, the products from the beauty hospital are more effective~~~.


3. Which is safer for photon hair removal and traditional hair removal?

It is definitely safer for photorejuvenation and hair removal products, because traditional microdermabrasion and shaving hair removal techniques can easily cause micro-wounds to ooze blood on the skin, and because the instrument is in direct contact with the wound surface, it is more likely to cause infection. However, photorejuvenation mainly acts on the subcutaneous cells and basically does not involve problems such as back and forth friction on the skin, so the possibility of infection is very small. Second, the red light in the laser has the effect of hemostasis, so it is generally not easy to cause bleeding. and other symptoms (currently laser is the main means of treating fundus hemorrhage, and this principle is used), so as long as the photon rejuvenation and hair removal products are used reasonably, the safety factor is actually higher than that of traditional products.

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