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Sheermate Handheld Hair Removal Device Tutorial

2022-06-20 Page view : 38 views

First ask a question, how many fairies will read the product manual honestly and carefully after buying the product?


In order to help little fairies quickly understand the product, we have specially prepared a tutorial on using the sheermate handheld hair removal device for your reference!



First. Preparation before use


  1. Thoroughly clean the skin to ensure that the skin is hair-free, completely dry, and free of oily substances (residues such as perfume, lotion, body lotion and sunscreen);
  2. Make sure that the irradiation port is free of dust and hair and other dirt residues, and there is no damage or abnormality. If there is dirt, be sure to clean it up to avoid product failure, deterioration or even skin problems;

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Second. How to use:


The operation method is very simple, please go to the following link to watch the operation video:


Third, matters needing attention:


1. Do not use this instrument on naturally dark skin;

2. Do not expose to the sun before hair removal;

3. Please shave before hair removal (do not use chemical hair removal method);

4. Be sure to start from the first gear when using it for the first time;

5. Make sure that the hair removal window is close to the skin when removing hair, and then perform the hair removal operation;

6. It is prohibited to use it in a dark environment;

7. Please wear protective glasses when using;

8. Do not use in direct sunlight to avoid machine failure;

9. Do not slam and shake the product violently;

10. Do not pull out the plug directly when the machine is not turned off, so as not to cause damage to the machine;



Fourth, after use care


1. It is recommended to use hypoallergenic moisturizing skin care products (such as aloe vera gel, toner, body lotion, etc.) to moisturize the irradiated area after light operation, and avoid touching water within 6 hours;

2. Do not use perfumes, masks and cosmetics containing scrub beads after the skin is exposed to light;

3. It is strictly forbidden to expose the irradiated area within 48 hours after the light operation. Even if exposure is required after 48 hours, always pay attention to whether there is any adverse condition on the skin. Please use sunscreen after 72 hours for sun protection;

4. If you feel unwell, please consult a surgeon;



How many times does the epilator hit a place? Does using a hair remover cause body odor?


Using a hair removal device can help remove hair on the body. How many times does the hair removal device hit a part? Will using a hair remover cause body odor? Let’s take a look.


1. How many times does the epilator hit a place?


one time. When using the hair removal device, you can hit one part, which can stimulate the hair follicles and achieve the effect of hair removal. If a part is always depilated repeatedly, it is easy to cause the skin to be scalded, which will cause damage to the skin. If the local hair is relatively dense, the frequency of hair removal can be appropriately increased, and hair removal can be performed twice a week.


2. Will using a hair removal device cause body odor?


Won’t. The odor released by body odor comes from the apocrine apocrine sweat glands in the armpit, and the hair removal device uses the light energy and heat released during operation to pass through the skin surface to reach the pores and directly act on the hair follicles, causing stimulation to the hair follicles to play a hair removal effect. It does not stimulate the sweat glands during use, so the correct use of the hair removal device will not cause body odor.