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Someone told you, what is the experience of laser hair removal?

2022-06-27 Page view : 39 views

Laser hair removal technology is generally used in hospital hair removal technology and large beauty salon hair removal. Today we will discuss several problems about laser hair removal:


1、 Does laser hair removal hurt?


Some girls feel very scared when they listen to laser hair removal, and feel that the process of hair removal must be very painful. This is not the case. In most cases, the hair removal staff will use gel to smear the part that needs hair removal, so when the hair is removed, what most people feel is something that is slightly drilled. Even if it does not gel, hair removal, the staff will consult your hair removal experience, and adjust the parameters and stalls of the laser according to your feedback, so you need not worry that laser hair removal will be very painful. Because the pain is completely tolerable.


2、 Can laser hair removal be cleaned at one time?


Laser hair removal can’t be cleaned at one time, mainly because the hair growth cycle has three stages: growth period, stationary period and degenerative period. Only in the growth period can there be a large amount of melanin in the hair follicle, which can absorb enough strong light to destroy the hair follicle, while the hair in the stationary period and degenerative period can’t be depilated until the growth period, Therefore, it needs many times of treatment to achieve long-term hair removal.


3、 Can laser hair removal be used for any part of hair?


In addition to armpit hair, leg hair and arm hair, common hair removal parts can also remove other areas such as finger hair, lip hair, beard, front hairline or rear hairline, but the number of hair removal is different in different areas.


“Depilation”, I’m serious


As soon as you hear the word “depilation”, many people will think of such questions as “it must be very painful and will it be bad for your health”. For people with sparse body hair, it may not matter whether they can depilate or not. However, for people with thick body hair, it is really a very painful thing. Who doesn’t want their skin to be white, tender and smooth as jade, However, for 70% of people in the world, they will be troubled by the problem of thick hair.IPL Machine Hair Removal Machine Manufacturers & Suppliers



When I was young, I didn’t have too many ideas. Since adolescence, my body has grown too much hair, such as facial hair, leg hair, arms and so on. Especially in summer, I can only wear casual long sleeved trousers when watching others wear beautiful skirts and shorts. It’s sad to think about it! How can I tolerate others to look at me with different eyes! Since then, I have studied all kinds of hair removal and used my father’s razor. The method is good, but it’s not very safe. If I’m not careful, I’ll scratch myself. I also buy Hair Removal Cream online and try it. The effect is almost immediate. But in two days, a lot of new hair will grow out and block pores. It’s too troublesome to deal with. The above methods can’t play a great role.



Later, when I saw that everyone was using the photon hair removal instrument, I went to check what the photon hair removal instrument was. I didn’t know if I didn’t check it. The photon hair removal instrument was so convenient and simple. Let’s talk about how the photon hair removal instrument can remove hair. In short, it can destroy hair follicle tissue through photothermal energy and gradually inhibit hair growth until it stops, which will not cause any damage to our skin and hair follicles, It’s the Savior of the Maoist party.


Through my sharing, have you determined a good direction on the road of depilation? We must learn how to depilate scientifically and make ourselves better and better!