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The more plucked, the more hair is, real or not?

2022-07-16 Page view : 62 views

I remember that we discussed this topic a long time ago, but still see this question that everyone often asks whether the body hair will be more and more after being plucked!

We must know that hair grows on hair follicles. The basic number of hair follicles is determined by genes. So the number of hair follicles has been determined from the time we are born. Shaving will not affect the number of hair follicles, so body hair will not become worse when the more you scrape.



The thickness of the hair, it is mainly determined by three aspects: the size of the hair follicle, nutrition, and hormonal changes. The volume of hair follicles is controlled by genes, while nutrition and hormones are determined by the body’s physical condition at the time. These three main factors will not be affected by shaving.


Then why do we feel that the newly grown hair becomes thicker and denser?


Naturally grown body hair will become thinner at the end, just like the tip of a pencil. After scraping off the soft part of the tip, the remaining hair section is relatively thick, and the hair of the same thickness is more obvious when it is short. But as the hair grows naturally, the soft tip will appear again. IPL Machine Hair Removal Machine Manufacturers.


So, plucking and shaving will not make the hair thicker and denser. Imagine that if plucking and shaving have such an effect, no one in the world will worry about hair loss, because shave and pluck frequently, you will have thick black hair.