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The Selection of Photon Depilation Band and The Advantage of Freezing Point Depilation

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Is photon depilation better than red filter?


When choosing between different products, filter color is by no means your main reference. There is no comparison between the depilation bands of different products, and even to some extent, it can be said that the comparison of energy intensity is not significant in different wavebands, and the core lies in the balance point between the two. Filter as long as choose more than 480, basically can ensure safety, in order to prevent burns, skin blisters, generally choose more than 530 OK. Hair removal device manufacturer.


Photon hair removal vs. laser hair removal:


Both principles are essentially the same, are based on the principle of photothermal action, selective action on the hair follicles, hair rods rich in melanin granulosa cells, the use of instant high temperature for explosive atomization, resulting in the destruction of hair follicle tissue, so as to effectively achieve the effect of hair removal. But the difference is that photon pulse light has a wide spectrum of light, unlike a single laser, which reflects the advantages of photon pulse light technology at this time:


1. Different wavelengths of light penetrate the skin at different depths. Unlike laser acting on the target tissue at a single depth, photon pulse light can target hair follicles and hair rods at different depths (the depth of hair follicles in different parts is different), so as to achieve better hair removal effect.


2. Hair follicle growth is related to epidermis and dermis, that is to say, single action on dermis or epidermis cannot completely block hair follicle growth to achieve better hair removal effect. Therefore, compared with laser single action on deep target tissue, photon wide pulse light has better effect.


3. Wide pulse light can better destroy structures associated with hair follicle growth at different depths.


4. The pulse interval of pulse light will make the skin have a certain buffer time, so it can better protect the skin from being burned.


To sum up, photon hair removal is slowly replacing laser hair removal. Wide pulse light is the advantage of photon hair removal, but also the foundation of the body.


But now, some people blindly advocate high band, more in-depth, then you simply do laser hair removal instrument directly is not better? More directional, better results?


Therefore, as long as the photon depilator below 480 is filtered out, there will be no other problems, and pigmentation will only occur in two conditions:


1 Does not filter out the uv band below 480, resulting in skin blackening.


2 Burns. “Side effects” are fade spots, narrow pores, tender skin whitening. As long as the energy intensity is well controlled to avoid burning, basically there will be no problem. Therefore, we generally choose hair removal apparatus with wavebands above 530 or even 550 for a safer choice. The advantage of wide pulse light compared with laser lies in its width.


Different parts, hair follicle depth is not the same, and the depth of hair follicle growth factors involves the range of 1-7mm, so it is not that the higher the band is usually better. The second is the effect of photons on the skin between 480-550 cells.


Photon hair removal instrument, from 480 to 610 and then back to 530 550, there are various factors, one is mainly the adjustment of different products, the other is to adjust according to customer feedback, the upper and lower limit in the market in 510-560 should still occupy the mainstream.


Conclusion: 480 or above is ok, but in order to avoid burns, you can choose 530 or 550 appropriately; In addition, the choice of different products, different models, filters and bands is by no means your main reference factor, only a small factor.


Freezing point depilator


The advantage of applying ice at the same time as depilation is to remove local red spots and avoid scalding. At the same time, when we remove hair, we can appropriately press the skin to drive away local erythema and reduce the energy of oxyhemoglobin absorbing pulse light, which is also to prevent burns. Freezing point does not affect the effect of hair removal, but it will not say that the effect is better, can only say to prevent burns, blisters. After all, relative to effectiveness, safety concerns.