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Want to increase charm? Try laser hair removal!

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The hot summer has passed. The girls in the north have put on down jackets early, while the girls in the south are still tangled in sweaters, short sleeves and coats. No matter where they are, they must have been surprised by the crackling sound of static electricity when they take off their clothes before going to bed in winter. The hairy girls not only have their hair up, but even the hair on the body is also standing one by one. In the future, let’s not blame the weather for being too dry. Maybe it will be better if we depilate the hair on the body!



When there is a lot of hair on our body, especially armpit hair, every time I sweat, it will give off a strange smell, especially in public. Don’t mention how embarrassing it is. At this time, I believe everyone’s idea is that if I can think that I don’t have this hateful hair like people, I’d better take it off now. Winter is the most suitable for hair removal all the year round, after depilation in winter, you can wear beautiful clothes directly in summer, and you are no longer afraid of other people’s strange eyes.


Principle of laser hair removal:


The principle of laser hair removal is called a selective photothermal theory. Hair follicles and hair are rich in melanin. The deeper the substance (melanin), the more heat is generated by absorbing light energy, and the temperature rises sharply, resulting in the destruction of the surrounding hair follicle tissue, and the hair will be removed.


It’s like sunbathing in winter. People dressed in black are hotter than people dressed in white at the same time. Does this give you an idea? If the hair is white, will the laser work? Obviously not. White hair does not contain melanin! Therefore, in the same way, laser cannot work on white hair. Therefore, light-colored hair contains a small amount of melanin, and the effect of laser will be reduced.


These five physical performances make you look old even if you are without wrinkles

Once a girl has wrinkles, is it a sign of aging? I don’t know if you’ve ever seen an example where there are no wrinkles on your face, but you still feel very old. Some people are obviously still very young, but they have an aging performance! Let’s find out today. In addition to wrinkles, what else makes people look old at a glance.


How did people identify a person’s age in ancient times?



1、 Skin gloss

No matter whether a person’s skin tone is black or white, we look at whether it is bright or dark. Dark indicates that our skin has experienced a long time and some cycles have deteriorated, because this is the result of accumulation over time. Therefore, why do you need to make up and brighten your skin gloss even if you don’t make up often? This will make you look better and energetic.


2、 Hair

No one doesn’t know this. Many men will have baldness as soon as they enter middle age. In fact, not only men, but also women. Hair is the most intuitive hint of vitality, so don’t keep dry hair hard in order to grow hair. Keeping the fluffy luster of hair will look much younger.


3、 Eyes

Eyes are easy to know a person’s age. When you are tired, your eyes will look dull. If you go on for many years, the research will slowly become dull. At ordinary times, we should exercise our eyes more, don’t look at electronic products for a long time, and keep the look of our eyes.


4、 Skeleton

When a person’s every move is very laborious and has no vitality, he will appear very old. Therefore, when walking, you should walk straight and appear to have strong bones.


5、 No vitality

Vitality is vigorous and vivid. It can be imagined that the picture of a group of children jumping and walking seems particularly beautiful, while people who don’t want to move and sigh all days seem to have no vitality and will appear very old-fashioned. Therefore, they must maintain a good mood to make themselves look energetic and vigorous.



What is the principle of laser hair removal, and what are the advantages and taboos?


At present, the most widely used hair removal technologies are laser hair removal, photon hair removal, and what we often call ice cooling hair removal and sapphire hair removal. They all belong to the category of laser or photon hair removal. Laser hair removal uses a specific laser to selectively heat the hair follicle tissue, so as to achieve the effect of hair removal without damaging the surrounding tissue.


Principle of laser hair removal:


Hair follicles in growth stage are rich in melanocytes, which can selectively absorb light of specific wavelength and convert it into heat energy. When the heat energy enters the hair follicle along the hair stem, the melanin in the hair follicle will be destroyed, so that the hair follicle will lose its activity and inhibit the growth of hair.



Growth cycle of hair follicle:


The growth cycle of hair follicles includes growth period, quiescent period and decline period. Not all hair follicles are in the same period, so depilation needs to be carried out several times.


What are the benefits of laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal will not damage the skin and sweat glands. After the laser reaches the dermis, it will be selectively absorbed by the melanocytes of hair and hair follicles, while other tissues around hair follicles will not absorb color light and will not be damaged. The operation gear and time of laser hair removal can be controlled according to their own habits, which is very convenient for people with a lot of hair.


Who should not choose laser hair removal?

People with allergic constitution: people with allergic skin and taking photosensitive drugs should not undergo laser hair removal to prevent allergic dermatitis. People with darker skin color: people with darker skin color should be cautious when choosing laser hair removal, because melanin in the skin will absorb part of the laser, which may induce pigmentation or lighten the skin color.


If hair removal method is wrong, time and money are wasted. Home photon hair removal instrument


As girls, beauty is their nature, and the production of body hair is just their nightmare. However, some girls’ body hair, even boys can’t help sighing: “I’m afraid that you are a man, bro!”!


Hairy girls are most afraid of standing with a group of white, beautiful and smooth goddesses. It feels like an alien standing in the crowd, not to mention how dazzling.



They also have special intentions in dealing with body hair. Even if these methods hurt themselves, they don’t care. They may pay more attention to checking hair removal strategies than reading learning materials. Hair removal device manufacturer.



Some people use a relatively simple and rough method to “kill” their armpits with a shaving knife. I believe that many girls have left shallow scars under their armpits until now. When they say more about hair removal methods, they want to cry. However, this method is like shaving-like pulling grass. Wildfire can’t burn out and the spring breeze can blow again!


It seems that we must use the killer mace. The traditional hair removal method is wrong after all. Of course, the new generation of people uses scientific and rigorous methods to depilate. Only by using the right methods can the remedy be applied to the case. The home photon depilation instrument is the best choice. Those girls who are still waiting and waiting will grow their hair a day after hesitation.


Why is the home photon hair removal instrument so popular?

The hair removal effect of photon hair removal is more lasting than that of traditional hair removal methods. While depilating, the skin can be relatively better. Photon hair removal can penetrate the skin surface, be absorbed by hair follicles in the dermis, generate heat and destroy hair follicles, so as to achieve the effect of lasting hair removal!