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Watch 5-Point Hair Removal Device

2022-02-08 Page view : 66 views

1. FDA-approved

The US FDA is an international medical review authority, authorized by the US Congress and the highest law enforcement agency specializing in food and drug management. The certified home laser hair removal device has more quality assurance.


2. Spectrum

The longer the spectrum, the safer it is for darker skin, the stronger the ability to penetrate the skin, and the easier it is to damage the hair follicles. The best color light wavelength is between 600/650-950nm, and the laser reaching 810nm can have a better effect on shag removal.


3. Light intensity

The product description will indicate the number of joules/square centimeter of light intensity, which is an important indicator for judging the effect of hair removal. A minimum of 5J/cm² is required to break down the hair follicle to prevent regrowth in the short term.


4. Lamp head area

The size of the lamp head area determines the light-emitting area, and the larger the lamp head area, the more convenient it is to use.


5. Lighting times

The number of luminous times determines the service life. The greater the light intensity, the less the number of luminous times.