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What is Optical Hair Removal?

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1. Home hair removal devices are divided into two types: laser and color light (IPL intense pulsed light), but the wavelength of color light is lower than that of laser, so the effect of laser is better. Moreover, under normal circumstances, the first 7-8 weeks should be removed once a week (different products have different methods of use, please operate according to the instructions), and the safety of lasers is greater than that of color light if the instrument is used for a long time. But most of the hair removal devices on the market use colored light.


2. Not permanent hair removal.

According to the standards of the US FDA, the hair does not grow significantly for a considerable period of time (4-5 years), which is a permanent hair removal. So, can a home optical hair removal device achieve “permanent hair removal”? The answer is no. Due to the introduction of hair removal technology from abroad, Permanent Hair Removal is literally translated as “permanent hair removal”, but the durability of the effect of home hair removal instruments is far less than that of instruments used in hospital institutions. If you want to “remove hair”, you should go to a regular hospital to receive multiple courses of laser hair removal surgery.


3. Principle of hair removal.

However, whether it is a laser hair removal surgery in a hospital or a home optical hair removal device, the principle of hair removal is the same: hair removal using the principle of selective photothermodynamics of laser/color light. Light passes through the surface of the skin to the root of the hair follicle, and the melanin in the hair follicle selectively absorbs light of a specific wavelength, and the light energy is absorbed and converted into heat energy, thereby destroying the hair follicle and stopping hair growth.



The following situations where optical hair removal should not be used:

Take note that it’s not suitable for all body parts, and not for everyone:


Special equipment should be selected for the face, otherwise it will easily cause skin damage.

Do not use on wounds or pimples.

Friends with darker skin, it is also recommended that you do not easily try laser/light hair removal, because darker skin will absorb more light and increase the possibility of burns.

Be careful to avoid light shining on the tattoo, otherwise it may cause changes in the pattern, and the tattoo will be washed away in serious cases.

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, people with light-sensitive skin, etc., should not use home laser/IPL hair removal devices.