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What is the difference between home laser IPL hair removal device and laser depilator? Which is safer and more reliable?

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Starting at puberty, the body develops excessive or superfluous hair, such as excessive facial hair, leg hair, armpit hair, or excessive hand hair. Excess hair is a common beauty problem that confounds both women and men. Traditional depilation method has shaving hair method, mechanical depilation method, wax depilation method, chemical reagent depilation method, tweezers, common shortcomings are difficult to destroy the mother hair and hair follicle stem cells, can achieve temporary depilation effect. Modern laser or photon hair removal technology can not only achieve permanent hair removal or delay hair regeneration time, but also avoid and reduce the shortcomings of traditional hair removal technology.



Laser Hair Removal Apparatus:


High safety, the wavelength can reach the hair follicle; High energy density, great damage to hair follicles, good hair removal effect, but very painful; In addition, because the lamp cap area is small, belongs to point-to-point depilation, depilation time is long; The price is higher. The light emitted by the laser is 810NM with a fixed wavelength, so the energy in the process of luminescence remains unchanged, and the strong energy brings a strong sense of pain. In beauty salons, laser hair removal is generally used.



IPL Hair Removal Device:


IPL is short for intense Pulse blanking (color, composite color, strong light). IPL, HPL, WPL, color light, E light are pulse light. It is produced and emitted by the flashlight a wavelength of 190~ 1200NM strong composite light, in essence and sunlight is relatively close to the visible light and infrared composition. According to different clinical skin problems, different filters can be used for intense pulse light treatment to obtain different bands of light for treatment. The performance of the instrument produced by different instrument manufacturers is not the same, so even if the same IPL, excluding technical problems, the therapeutic effect of different machines will be different.


In addition to hair removal, IPL can also be used for whitening and tender skin. The pain is obviously weaker than laser hair removal, so pulsed light technology is generally used in household hair removal apparatus.


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Notices for using home IPL hair removal apparatus:


Before and during the use of household photon hair removal apparatus, some points need to be paid attention to as follows:


First, pay attention to shaving before using the home IPL hair removal depilator


Before using a home IPL hair removal depilator make sure you shave your hair first, preferably as short as possible. Because in this way, the energy of the household photon depilator can work more smoothly on the hair follicles inside the skin. If you do not shave the hair directly with the home IPL hair removal depilator, the effect of hair removal will be greatly reduced.


Second, home IPL hair removal depilator to avoid summer exposure after


home IPL hair removal depilator must pay attention to avoid skin exposure after use. Because we have melanin in our hair follicles and in the skin’s chromoblasts after exposure to the sun, it may activate the shallow pigment, which is more likely to lead to dark skin or pigmentation. Hair removal is the best choice in spring or winter, because the skin is not tanned more white, to adapt to the home IPL hair removal depilator can play a role in the hair follicle melanin, more targeted.


Third, home IPL hair removal depilator should pay attention to the use of eye protection


Now there are some home IPL hair removal depilator on the market is to rely on the laser to play a role, home IPL hair removal depilator will play out when there is light, in order to avoid irritation to the eye, it is best to wear goggles.


Fourth home IPL hair removal depilator should pay attention to the use of perpendicular to the skin


When using home IPL hair removal depilator, we must pay attention to the instrument mouth of home photon depilator is perpendicular to the skin, otherwise it can not be out of light, thus affecting the depilation effect.


Fifth, the use of home IPL hair removal depilator should avoid tattoos and dark skin areas


When using the home photon hair removal machine, be careful to avoid tattooed areas and areas with darker skin. IPL works by allowing melanin to absorb strong light. When the melanin mother cells are exposed to strong light, the pigment is broken up and more melanin is secreted to protect themselves, resulting in darker skin. This is often the reason that people with normal skin color will feel dark in the short term after playing.