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What is the principle of laser hair removal? What are the advantages and contraindications?

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The most popular hair removal machines are laser hair removal, photon hair removal, freezing point hair removal, and sapphire hair removal. They all belong to the category of laser or photon hair removal. Laser hair removal uses a specific laser to selectively heat the hair follicle tissue in order to achieve the effect of hair removal without damaging the surrounding tissues.


The principle of laser hair removal:

Hair follicles in the growth phase are rich in melanocytes, which can selectively absorb specific wavelengths of light and convert them into heat. When heat energy enters the hair follicle along the hair shaft, it will destroy the melanin in the hair follicle, deactivating the hair follicle and inhibiting hair growth.



The growth cycle of hair follicles:

The growth cycle of hair follicles includes the growth phase, resting phase, and decay phase. Not all hair follicles are in the same period, so hair removal needs to be carried out multiple times. hair removal machine manufacturer


What are the benefits of laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal will not harm the skin and sweat glands. After the laser reaches the dermis, it will be selectively absorbed by the melanocytes of the hair and hair follicles, while other tissues around the hair follicles will not absorb colored light and of course, will not be harmed. The operation gear and time of laser hair removal can be controlled according to your own habits, which can be said to be quite convenient for people with more hair.


Who should not use laser hair removal?

People with allergies: People with skin allergies and people who are taking photosensitivity drugs should not perform laser hair removal to prevent allergic dermatitis.

People with darker skin: People with darker skin should be cautious when choosing laser hair removal because the melanin in the skin will absorb part of the laser, which may induce hyperpigmentation or lighter skin.