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When hair removal becomes etiquette, will you still refuse?

2022-07-20 Page view : 27 views

Because Chinese people have relatively few body hair, coupled with some traditional concepts and conservative ideas, China’s hair removal market has only gradually formed in recent years. In the past, only some special groups of people, such as hirsutism patients or professional people, needed hair removal. Such as actors, models, etc. However, in the last 10 years, with the aesthetic concept and the progress of the times, more and more people have begun to accept hair removal. Various types of hair removal products and laser hair removal equipment have emerged as the times require, and the hair removal market has shown a growing state!



10 years ago, hair removal was only a need for special people, and it was still a relatively private matter. It would be embarrassing if anyone didn’t have hair on underarms. But now, armpit hair is regarded as a very unsightly picture. For example, today’s hair removal is just like putting on make-up before. There were few people putting on make-up more than 20 years ago. If our eldership put on make-up when he was young, he would cause criticism from others. Now, whoever doesn’t put on make-up on formal occasions will greatly affect his image. At the same time, they will be labeled as disrespectful of others.



In particular, if girls do not wear light makeup when applying for a job, they are likely to be regarded as impolite, unprofessional, negligent, and informal by the interviewer. Similarly, if there is any young girl who is fashionable and exquisitely dressed, but shows her armpit hair in public places or on a dating, her beauty will be greatly compromised, and she will even be regarded as ignorant of fashion and not paying attention to personal image. Nowadays, hair removal has developed into a kind of etiquette, a kind of fashion, and a kind of culture in China, and it has become a daily necessity of the general public. Latest Ice Cool Ipl Hair Removal Supplier


In fact, among the current consumers of hair removal in China, there are not only women, but also men. There are not only young girls, but also 60-70-year-old grandma, not only from large and medium-sized cities, but also in counties and towns. . Therefore, hair removal has even been hailed as one of the hottest industries in the Chinese beauty market.


As hair removal has gradually become the mainstream of the beauty market, it has gradually evolved into a symbol of etiquette. Every spring and autumn season is the peak season for hair removal. Whether it is beauty salons or consumers, they will choose high-quality and safe hair removal products for hair removal.