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Will the flash of a home epilator harm my eyes? What is the effect of IPL on the skin?

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Home hair removal devices generally use pulsed light, which can be divided into intense pulsed light (IPL) and home pulsed light (HPL), where the energy is in order of IPL>HPL. IPL intense pulsed light, which is a wide-spectrum visible light, has weaker energy than lasers, so the pain is not as intense as lasers, and continuous use can also achieve the effect of hair removal.


Qualified household hair removal devices use wavelengths between 500-1200nm, which are in the safe range. Generally, wavelengths below 500nm are short-wavelength rays that are harmful to the eyes and can also cause great damage to the skin. Therefore, IPL intense pulsed light is not harmful to the eyes, but the home hair removal device is still equipped with goggles to better protect the eyes of consumers. High-quality IPL and laser hair removal machines



Effects of intense pulsed light on the skin:


①Biostimulation: The photochemical effect of intense pulsed light on the skin causes chemical changes in the molecular structure of the collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the dermis to restore the original elasticity. In addition, the photothermal effect produced by it can enhance the function of blood vessels and improve the circulation, so as to achieve the therapeutic effect of eliminating wrinkles and shrinking pores.


②The principle of photothermolysis: Since the pigment content in the diseased tissue is much more than that in the normal skin tissue, the temperature rise after absorbing light is also higher than that of the skin. Using their temperature difference to seal the diseased blood vessels, the pigment ruptures and decomposes without damaging the normal tissue.


Should hair removal go to a beauty salon or choose a home hair removal device? Recommend a suitable hair removal device


Fitst ,home hair removal instruments are becoming more and more popular, why is this? The following points appear:


1) Limitations of the entire environment

The new coronavirus still exists in every corner of the world, everyone is reducing travel, and some companies are choosing to work from home, so few people risk their lives to go to beauty salons for beauty. This makes the products in the home beauty salon industry more and more popular, especially the home hair removal device.


2) The experience brought by the pain of hair removal

For laser hair removal used in beauty salons, the wavelength parameters are selected between 750nm and 950nm. While ensuring the hair removal effect, it also takes into account the removal of melanin around a part of the hair follicle and a certain whitening effect: the energy parameter is 13-19J/CM2, The temperature is high enough to reach the hair follicle, which reduces and destroys the activity of the hair follicle. In order to prevent burns, professional medical personnel are required to operate and accompanied by obvious pain.

For household IPL hair removal device, the wavelength parameter is selected between 500nm-590nm, and the energy parameter is 13-19J/CM2, the effect of energy conduction is not good enough, which may lead to insufficient energy to reach the hair follicle, and the effect of destroying the hair follicle cannot be achieved. . Because the home hair removal device is operated by ourselves, and considering the safety issue, the wavelength band is generally low, and all the light waves that can effectively reach the hair follicle are relatively small, and the pain is also small.

The pain of laser hair removal in beauty hospitals is generally stronger than that of home hair removal instruments. After all, its parameters are much higher, and the heat energy is much higher. After someone’s hair removal, the local skin will appear red, swollen, with red spots, etc., and they need ice compresses when they go back. This kind of experience is not very good.


Second, recommend a sapphire freezing point hair removal device

A , Exterior:

The design is inspired by the beautiful swan neck with a unique shape.


B, Sapphire freezing point, very comfortable; 990,000 product life, enough for 1-2 people; 9 energy levels, suitable for different people; only skin color recognition system; blue light sterilization and disinfection